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  • No Cost Cremation Options

  • Low Cost monthly plans from $39

  • Discount for Veterans / Medicaid

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Our team respects those that prefer simplicity by providing the easiest, most affordable plan in the region-guaranteed.




Our Veterans Burial Benefit is called United We Stand- a plan to help say “Thank You” for your service by providing a discount for all honorably discharged veterans and their families.


Donate to Science

Save Lives

Contribute to the advancement of medical science through this unique program that can help save lives.  

There is no cost to families for cremation, and typically the cremated remains are returned within 3 weeks.

Get your FREE planning guide called "My Final Wishes" and receive a Voucher for $600 OFF our basic cremation plan. You'll also receive information to determine if you're  eligible for our NO COST Cremation Plan, Veterans or Medicaid Benefits and Discounts.

Don't worry, no obligation and your info is secure with us.

Would you like to learn more about resources and benefits to help seniors with things like: Adult Day Services, Homecare, Assisted Living, Veterans Benefits, Nursing Homes, Hospices, Financial Programs, Powers of Attorney, Clean out services and help to find a home for your pets. Click here 

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