Helping to make life better for families that have lost loved ones

Our mission is simple,

Help improve the lives of families that have lost a loved one - one family at a time.

Our team looks at all of the factors that affect families at the end of a loved one’s life. Arguably, our last few years (for most) are the toughest and we want to support those families with relevant services that make a real difference.​

For many, we are trying to make funeral decisions simpler and more affordable while providing the tools for families to create meaningful services. 

The Family Funeral Care Team believes that we see our best selves when we support the most vulnerable amongst us. Learn more about how we help others to Find Hope and how YOU can join us too! 

Neeld Family Funeral Care is leading the way to provide the most affordable and meaningful cremation and funeral options for families throughout the Delaware Valley.

Learn How We Can Help


Our Veterans Burial Benefit is called United We Stand- a plan to help say “Thank You” for your service by providing a discount for all honorably discharged veterans and their families.


Neeld Family Funeral Care respects those that prefer simplicity by providing the easiest, most affordable plan in the region-guaranteed.


Sea Scattering can be a meaningful option for those that hold a special place in their hearts for the sea. Neeld Family Funeral Care can help make a Memorial at Sea affordable and simple to plan.


Contribute to the advancement of medical science through this unique program that can help save lives.  

There is no cost to families for cremation, and typically the cremated remains are returned within 3 weeks.


Neeld Family Funeral Care is often considered the best option for burial  services because there is no “sales” approach to caskets or other merchandise and we are often able to provide discounts.


Our team leads the region in affordable plans that are insured, and transferable to any funeral home around the country. We specialize in medicaid compliant plans for families needing a nursing home.