Daniela T. Marek 1932-2020

Updated: May 19, 2020

In her own words:


To my Daughters, Granddaughter and Great-Granddaughters,


When the time comes to say the last goodbye

It will be sad for you, I know

And it’s OK to cry, for a day or so

But after a while - please let me go…

Your tears are bearing heavy on my soul

Every drop shed by you hurts a lot

Since I can’t comfort you any more

Please give me a smile and let me go…

What you saw was my empty body – that wasn’t me

I was full of life, spirit and energy

Always with a smile, with open arms

Ready to hug and squeeze and love

Yes, this part of me you will miss a lot

But don’t let this goodbye

Destroy all the memories - the happy and the sad


My Spirit and Energy could not die

A simple law of physics can tell you that

I was just ready for a change of form

And that’s that! Don’t call me dead

(I hate that word I thought I’d tell you that)

Forget the empty shell; even so, I have to say

I kind of liked it too; wasn’t to bad

Served me well, have to admit

But got worn out, and that’s it!

That’s Life and Rebirth of a new form

Think of the fat larva at the end

Changing into an ugly cocoon, seemingly dead

Just to transform into a beautiful butterfly-and fly, fly

That’s me. I am free now (no more pains).

A good Spirit, I hope

I am not sure yet what I can or can’t do

So give me some time to find my way to YOU

Look at the sparkle on the wave, maybe that’s me?

Or the wind playing with your hair, maybe that’s my hand?

A drop of rain tickling your cheek, maybe that’s my kiss?

Just let me in – and you will know

I promise I will try

With all my love and much, much more, kisses, buzki, pa

YOUR Mammmmaaaa, Babcia and Prabcia

This gift will live in our hearts forever, until we feel that touch Mama.

Kochamy Cie,

Ewa, Mirka, Megan, Mackenzie and Aubrey