In Loving Memory of Anna M. Price

In mid-November, doctors discovered a tumor on her thyroid, which they soon diagnosed as anaplastic thyroid cancer. They were able to remove just a portion of the tumor and inserted a tracheostomy to help her breathe.

My Mom chose to forego further intervention at that point, as the results would have been pretty much the same. On Thanksgiving Day, we brought her home from Penn Hospital and began hospice care. Luckily my Brother, Dad and I were able to be with her and share in her care between hospice visits. After recovering from her surgery, she was alert and present enough to be able to interact with us. Her procedure made talking impossible, but she was able to communicate using pen and paper at first, and later a dry erase board. Her entire family made it home (grandchildren and great grandchildren) for the holidays and we enjoyed what will forever be cherished time together, filled with love and laughter.

After the holidays, Mom’s condition began to deteriorate, and the decision was made to move her to inpatient hospice at Phoenixville Hospital on the evening of January 1.

While everyone’s experience with the death of a loved one is different, I will tell you that ours was incredibly difficult, yet so very precious at the same time. We are grateful to the amazing doctor’s at Penn, particularly Dr. Ara Chalian and the amazing staff there, Penn’s Oncology Department, and Seasons Hospice. Without their care, we would not have had the extra time we did with my Mom.

We are also grateful to the friends and family that helped to lift us up through this time. Your love and support meant the world to us all. She was able to say goodbye to many of you and for those she couldn’t, please know that she still felt your love, even from afar.

It was my Mom’s wish not to have any type of service but instead she asks that you:

- hug someone you love a little tighter - laugh a little louder - reach out to someone who may need it (it’s amazing how the tiniest gestures get you through the toughest times) - spend time with your loved ones - and most of all…SHE HOPES YOU DANCE!

- RIP Anna M. Price 09/17/1941 – 01/09/2020

*Mom always joked, with a tinge of seriousness that she would return to earth as a hummingbird, so don’t be surprised if one of those beautiful little creatures drops in someday to say hi!

Our dear friends Bonnie and Darryl Smith and Pat And Frank Motaka have arranged a Celebration of Life Open House to honor our Mother’s memory. Stop in to share your favorite memory, story and to laugh, cry and remember our amazing Mom.

When: Thursday January 17, 2020

Where: Generations of Indian Valley (Souderton Senior Center)

259 N. Second Street Souderton, PA

Dress: There is no special dress for this event but if you are so inclined Mom LOVED bright colors.

Light refreshments will be served.